First Aid Ski Patrol (FASP) is a volunteer, non profit organization providing first aid to the skiing and snowboarding public on the local mountains of Vancouver.

What we Do

Our main focus is to provide first aid to injured skiers and boarders but our responsibilities are much wider in scope. Risk Management, Safety Operations, Customer Service and Accident Investigation are also part of our duties. In the "off season" our patrollers provide first aid and communications/logistics services to various community events.

Where we Work

We currently patrol on Grouse Mountain and the Cross Country ski area on Cypress Mountain (Hollyburn). On both mountains we have patrol cabins which serve as our base of operations, as well as a resource for searches conducted in the area.

When an astronaut is envious of your job, that really says something.
— Scott Marland, National Ski Patrol

Junior Patrol Program

We run a Junior Patrol program for students aged 16-17, who volunteer with us to develop their communication and learning skills and eventually "graduate" to the regular patrol.

Our Training

FASP runs an in-depth first aid program, and all members of the patrol receive in-house training from experienced instructors. All of our patrollers hold a valid CPR "C" certificate and have successfully completed one of the following first aid courses:

  • Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC)

  • Occupational First Aid (OFA) Level 3

  • Non Urban Emergency Care Level 3 (NUEC 3)

  • Wilderness First Responder (WFR)

In addition, many of our patrollers hold higher levels of certification, such as FR3, Emergency Medical Responder or Primary Care Paramedic.