About Us

First Aid Ski Patrol (FASP) is a volunteer, non profit organization providing first aid to the skiing and snowboarding public on the local mountains of Vancouver (Cypress Cross-country and Grouse Mountain). We are currently in our 75th year of operation.

Our main focus is to provide first aid to injured skiers and boarders but our responsibilities are much wider in scope. Risk Management, Safety Operations, Customer Service and Accident Investigation are also part of our duties. In the 'off season' our patrollers provide first aid and communications/logistics services to various community events. 

We run a Junior Patrol program for students aged 16-17, who volunteer with us to develop their communication and learning skills and eventually "graduate" to the regular patrol.

FASP runs an in depth first aid program. All members of the patrol receive in-house training from experienced instructors. 

Our training centre is the Grouse Mountain Patrol cabin. The cabin is our winter and summer base of operations, as well as a resource for searches conducted in the area. 

If you wish to join FASP you must be 18 years of age. Hold a valid CPR Basic Rescuer "C" ticket and successfully complete one of the first aid courses:

In your first year with FASP you will serve as a probationary patroller and will be assigned specific duty periods on the mountain of your choice. During the winter months, every FASP member is required to train and patrol up to 15 days from October to April. This does not include the time spent on your first aid course. 

The benefits of joining FASP are many: great friendships, affordable skiing, first aid experience and lots of fun.


Upcoming events

OEC Refresher

OEC refresher
coming fall 2017.

Outdoor Emergency Care refreshers are available to the public. See our OEC page for more information.

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